POT.COM’s mission is simple: foster excitement about cannabis through education, product curation, and community.

As the stigma of cannabis fades and now even your aunt on Facebook is posting about her CBD routine, we’re highlighting everything that this plant provides that can change lives for the better. With a focus on health, wellness and advocacy, we have a strict process that defines which brands and products we feature to ensure we’re only bringing you the very best.

How did this get started?

One of the most common questions we get is “how the heck did you get that domain?” The domain was originally purchased in 1997 by a visionary gentleman out of Florida. He has entrusted us with making his vision a reality. The logo has gone through a few changes, the original logo was filed with the USPTO can be seen below. We look forward to making this Floridian’s dream a reality and do our part to help grow the cannabis community.

The POT.COM brand and trademark was founded on our purpose of promoting the goods and services of others by preparing and placing advertisements for others on websites on the global computer network; providing an online website featuring advertisements for and consumer information about the goods and services of others.

What do we stand for?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, we have a responsibility to ensure our community and focus includes those that have been negatively impacted by now outdated criminalization laws. We are proud to be working closely with other industry leaders and organizations to help fight injustices that still exist today.

National Cannabis Industry Association

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