You may not consume cannabis in any public place including but not limited to, parks, public streets, malls, restaurants, or anywhere smoking is illegal. It is also illegal to consume on school campuses, recreational centers, and anywhere minors are present.

You also can’t consume cannabis in a parked or moving vehicle. 

Please visit our State Guides for state specific consumption laws.

Every state has specific qualifications that you must meet in order to become a Medical Marijuana Card holder.

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Yes, state law requires distributors to follow specific testing procedures for cannabis. Before all cannabis or cannabis products arrive to a retailer, a licensed testing laboratory must test samples for potency, foreign materials, heavy metals, microbial impurities, mycotoxins, residual pesticides, and residual solvents and processing chemicals.

  • All cannabis and cannabis products must be packaged in child-resistant packaging.
  • Any packaging that looks like packages used for children’s goods are strictly prohibited. 
  • Cannabis companies are prohibited from using any advertising that contains the use of objects, such as toys, inflatables, movie characters, cartoon characters, or includes any other display, depiction, or image designed in any manner that might be appealing to a minor.
  • All dispensaries must confirm age and identity by checking a valid form of ID at entrance and again at purchase. 
  • Cannabis can only be legally sold between the times of 6am and 10pm Pacific Time.
  • All dispensaries must have video surveillance and security personnel at all times.
  • There are strict requirements for the secure transportation and delivery of cannabis goods.
  • All dispensaries keep record of cannabis purchases for all users to ensure they don’t purchase over the legal limits (see State Guides for legal limits by state).
  • Inclusive cannabis testing requirements for potency, foreign materials, heavy metals, microbial impurities, mycotoxins, residual pesticides, and residual solvents and processing chemicals.

Purchase limits vary by state. Please visit our State Guides to check out the purchase limits in your state.

If you are a medical marijuana card holder you are exempt from paying the sales and use taxes on cannabis purchases. 

Please find specific savings by state here!

Some states offer reciprocity to Medical Marijuana Card holders, but not all! If you are visiting a state where adult use is legal then you are able to purchase in that state no matter what but must follow the adult use laws when it comes to purchase and possession amounts. 

Check out our State Guides to see which states offer full reciprocity to Medical Marijuana Card holders.

For safety reasons, most states do not offer returns or exchanges on cannabis purchases.

We suggest checking with your go to dispensary or the product manufacturer to see if they offer returns or exchanges.  

Cannabis is still a majority cash business. Some dispensaries have the ability to accept debit cards but we suggest bringing cash just in case! 

Although there are many instances that you hear of where people are able to board a plane with cannabis products, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. Anytime you fly with cannabis you’re taking a huge risk, so we advise against it.

Because cannabis is still illegal on the federal level insurance companies do not offer any assistance on medical cannabis purchases. 

Some states offer locally run compassion programs to assist with purchases. Please check with each program to see what the compassion program qualifications are.  






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