Spark Your GEN!US [New Brand Alert]


GEN!US has been cloaked in mystic for the past few months. It’s a brand that has continued to pop up in cannabis circles yet we haven’t seen it for ourselves…until now. GEN!US has just announced their new line of products as well as more details about the team behind them, and we’re stoked to give it a try.

With a wide variety of cannabis consumers in the market it’s important that no one is left behind and GEN!US’ collection of THC and CBD products accomplishes just that. They focus on carefully selecting strains and delivery mechanisms to unlock the inner creative beast in all of us. They follow the journey of all of their products from seed-to-sale which allows them to control every detail in the process and ensure you’re getting the best product available. You can choose from top-shelf flower, pre-rolled joints, and pens/cartridges. 

There are many steps that go into building a great product but we believe the pot and the people are the most important. GEN!US’ hand-picked team is stacked with experts with backgrounds in research, tech, beverage, entertainment and of course cannabis which aids in delivering a top notch experience for the end user. 

If you’re based in LA or just visiting, make sure to check out their new store opening in September on the iconic Melrose Ave. Store location: 7569 Melrose Ave, LA CA. #CannabisForCreatives

Full press release here.