As I’m sure many of you are aware, today is 4/20. This entire month has technically been 4/__/20. There are cannabis calendar nerds out there that have been patiently waiting for this month to happen. And then…life happened.

With the majority of the country being forced to get familiar with their homes and the people that inhabit them; we could bitch and moan about this month being ruined.

A new perspective.

Or we could take this opportunity see it in a different light. Sure it is enjoyable to pass a joint or try out a new concentrate with friends, IN person, while listening to your favorite jams. But since we’re not allowed to go outside, we have to re-think the entire experience. The entire industry has rebooted how we approach the HIGH holiday for the pot community. With a quick Google search you can find plenty of entertaining options.

I personally have really stepped up the sessions I’ve shared with friends all over the country through Google Hangouts. This is something I will continue post-quarantine. If seeing good friends isn’t enough for you, try out this hilarious plug-in made by the techies over at Snapchat. Snap Camera. [Just make sure it’s turned off for those work calls]. Ultimately cannabis is best sharing with friends so don’t limit yourself to your local neighborhood.

Take action.

If I could use this moment to call attention to a part of cannabis that many people overlook that is advocacy. There are so many people that have fought the good fight to get us to where we are today, but the fight is not over. Only 34 states have access to medical marijuana, why not 50. 11 have adult-use programs, heck it has way less calories than alcohol so let’s do something for your health and make 50 fully legal states.

Moving forward is a big part about cannabis but we can’t forget the people who are still suffering from the war on drugs. For some people, this may be a death sentence due to COVID. Thankfully there’s a small group of people on a mission that are doing everything in their power to shed light on this subject. That group is the Last Prisoner Project.

What we’re doing?

As the team reflected on what we could and should do for 4/20, one question was always central in our conversations. How do we support the Last Prisoner Project [LPP]? As we explore different events, wacky experiences and even considered setting some world records for our own event. We came across a beautiful reality, our entire industry is ALREADY incorporating LPP in to their festivities.

This is truly awesome to see the community come together but we can’t stop there. NOW, it’s time for YOU to take your first step into advocacy. We understand these are tough times due to the economy but please check out their event that kicks off for 4/20 in central time and toke one with Willie Nelson for his birthday. [We’ll be there.]

If you can or feel compelled to make a donation. Do that. It’s in the hands of some amazing people I’ve known for years.

That’s all I have to say for now, Happy 4/20!!