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Review of: PUFFiT Vaporizer
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The PUFFiT looks and feels just like a real asthma inhaler, but instead of delivering medicine this super-discreet device is a pocket size herbal vaporizer. Featuring fast heat-up time and industry standard lithium-ion power the PUFFiT is a solid choice for light to moderste use but not ideal for heavy use or amongst a large group of people.

Asthma anyone? That’s what you’ll be asking your friends as a joke when you extend your hand and offer the PUFFiT vape for them to try out. No joke, this thing looks dead on to be an asthma inhaler. These manufacturers are called “Discreet” for a reason I should say. Never have I seen a vaporizer so accurately portrayed as something else. And not just something else, but an item that one holds to their mouth for a completely different reason that vaporizing. The PUFFiT knocked it out of the park in this first aspect of the product, and kudos to them for not making it larger than the actual thing either. If anything, it’s a bit smaller, which makes it all the more easier to hide in your hand. So that’ s a big plus right out of the gate. Let’s dig a little deeper though, ad see if the PUFFiT can really “cure” what ails you.

The charging element on this little vape is a nice little lithium-ion deal that is sure to have a long life and offer a decent amount of vape sessions before it gets sapped for good. I also like how it’s not an A/C outlet that will charge it, but a USB port. Now that’s a considerable positive mainly because so many of us have laptops that we carry with us or USB ports in our cars. This means we can actually charge and recharge on the go instead of having to find a wall plug and be conspicuous and something other than discreet. I will say in the interest of fairness though, that because you are using a USB, it’s going to take a bit longer to reach a full battery, and a full battery is going to last you only about 45 minutes to an hour. So with that being said, “use wisely.”

Puffit 700x700 300x300 PUFFiT: The Inhaler Style Vaporizer

You’re also going to get 4 replacement screens with the PUFFiT, and a cool little neoprene carrying case to tuck it away from all those people who might say to you, “but, you don’t have asthma..” Heh. It does come with a little pick/cleaning tool which is handy for removing gunk down in the pathway, and it also has a little metal arm which affords the user an option to stir the contents of the pack with a few twists of the wrist, thereby freshening the load. There is detachable and replaceable hygienic mouthpiece, and there is a silicone heat shield which affixes over the top part of the PUFFiT which is the heating element, covering and thus protecting your hands from any otherwise singeing. A thoughtful little touch there. So now that we’ve got our bearings, let’s proceed to the usage of the unit, shall we?

There’s a little temperature dial on the PUFFiT that allows you to toggle from 250-410 degrees Fahrenheit. I recommend a 6.5 setting, as this allowed me to get the right quality of vapor, and wasn’t overkill. Of course user mileage may vary, so use my suggestion as a starting point, and go from there. Now this is the careful part. First thing you have to do is get your material as fine as possible. I’m talking almost powder-like. Very important. Next you have to make sure you have a super clean screen and your pathway is the same. Once all systems are go, the final piece of advice is that you have to, simply must, take a long, slow draw. And I mean just about slower than any other vape you’ve ever pulled on. I’m talking a good 10 to 15 seconds here.

puffit contents PUFFiT: The Inhaler Style Vaporizer

If you do all these things just as I told you, then let the naysayers be still, because the PUFFiT will in fact deliver some decent punchy vapor for a hand-held. It’s not supposed to be a titan, and I think people do not understand that each category of vape has certain criteria that are unique unto the classification. Small vapes don’t produce monster vapor. What they do and should produce is enough of a result that you are absolutely inhaling a productive amount of vapor. The PUFFiT did this for me, albeit with a bit more of a concerted effort invested into learning its optimal usage. Put the effort forth, and this vape will not disappoint as long as you don’t expect it to be something it’s not.

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Manufacturer website: discreetvape.com

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