Is NicQuid The Best US-Made E-Liquid?

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Review of: NicQuid eJuice
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NicQuid is a US-based e-liquid maker which aims to set a new standard of quality, taste, and safety in the American e-juice market. Offering versions with or without nicotine anyone can enjoy the awesome 30+ tastes which are all created, manufactured, and steeped with the goal of being the absolute best e-juice money can buy.

NicQuid E-Liquid is a flavorful blend of food-grade ingredients meant to mimic a specific theme regarding type of flavor. You have a variety of “blast” flavors that tastes like fruit in the mouth, menthol flavors, rich tobacco flavors, and last but not least, beverage and sweets flavors.

The blends are made by NicQuid, who are staunch supporters of natural, healthy means of production and personal use, as well as strict levels of sterility and cleanliness at all of their production facilities. With one of the only ISO Class 6 clean rooms out in the market today, NicQuid really stands alone as a company who continually raises the bar for everyone.

Getting back to the eLiquid for a minute, the base material is kosher grade/USP certified glycerin and glycol and the flavorings are dye-free and alcohol-free food grade level ingredients, which means a softer, smoother experience for the end user. As for the nicotine-infused variety, it is of the highest purity (>99%) and comes available in 0-24mg versions. It is tested to be free of contaminants, ensuring a proper potency.

NicQuid E Liquid 300x300 Is NicQuid The Best US Made E Liquid?Of great importance, they have a “steeping process” they follow which gives the liquid time to sit and soak up the flavors. This is vital to the flavor of good ejuice and is responsible for the rich, flavorful taste of NicQuid’s offerings. This protracted method compared to the normal juice-on-demand type of production, is said to yield a cleaner-tasting, more conditioned, more cured product. It’s also said to extend shelf life and stability of the liquid for longer periods of storage.

I personally have tried about 5-8 NicQuid flavors, nicotine free because I am not a tobacco user, and my favorite flavors are the Maraschino Blast and Banana Nut Bread. These and the others I have tried have all had exceptional taste.

NicQuid is a founding member of the AEMSA which basically represents an American-based trade organization for manufacturers that strives to create a safe and sustainable industry standard for the production of e-liquids. This board and its members will serve to define and enforce the benchmark of quality for eliquid manufacture worldwide. It should also be noted that the NicQuid E-Liquid will work with all vapes and cartridges that handle concentrates and glycerin bases.

With the production standard set very high and the vast array of flavors and collections to choose from for the seasoned vaporist, NicQuid E-Liquid has a lot to offer. Their basic ingredient approach and direct presentation are both very easy to understand and appreciate. If you are one of the many who are on a never ending quest for the perfect ejuice, NicQuid is definitely worth a look.

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