Florida Latest State To Debate Medical Marijuana Law

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Across the country, marijuana laws are changing. As previous posts have noted, recreational marijuana use recently became legal in Washington state and Colorado. However, other states are still holding firm in outlawing cannabis.

According to The Miami Herald, in late October, Florida Attorney General sent a letter to the Florida Supreme Court voicing her opposition to a proposed bill that would legalize medical marijuana.

In her letter, Bondi said she believed that the proposal, which was written by a group called People United for Medical Marijuana, would allow marijuana to be used in “limitless situations,” rather than narrowly defined medical contexts.

She also said she was concerned about marijuana being made legal in Florida when it is still illegal under federal law.

Advocates for the bill have said that Bondi is overreacting. They point to the immense amount of government resources spent enforcing what they see as failing marijuana laws as reason to decriminalize some marijuana use. One leader also noted that allowing medical marijuana might cut down on patronage of “pill mills,” or pain clinics where powerful pain-management medication like OxyContin is often over-prescribed.

Bondi is required to send a ballot initiative to the state Supreme Court within 30 days of her office receiving it, but it appears her letter is an attempt to seek an exemption to this requirement. This is a situation that is of interest to us, so we will follow future developments closely. If any turn out to be newsworthy, we will be sure to consider them for a follow-up post.

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